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Malnutrition in La Guajira: Constitutional Court will analyze cases of affected children.

By Carcacol News

In the course of 2022, a total of 39 children have died from malnutrition in  La Guajira . This caught the attention of the Constitutional court , which set out to listen to the complaints of the indigenous communities and analyzed the actions that the national government has taken.

For the high court, it is a tragedy that the children of La Guajira continue to starve.

This harsh reality is recounted by representatives of the indigenous communities such as Javier Rojas: "Despite being in programs that the ICBF executes through its contractors, They continue to die, as happened in the course of this week, when three children died from causes associated with malnutrition ”.

For her part, Lina María Arbeláez, director of the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, indicated that of the deceased children " 32% were under 6 months old ", who must be fed exclusively by " breastfeeding ".