"The struggle of women is won hand in hand with men" Ruth Chaparro

To overcome the violence and inequality that affects women around the world, the Colombian activist and defender of Human Rights, Ruth Chaparro, affirms that "it is urgent to educate men in respect" and to work with the whole of society. "This women's fight is won hand in hand with men, we will not be able to do it alone," she added in an interview with Vatican News. ⬇🎧

Manuel Cubías - Vatican City

Among the numerous effects that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused in the world, the increase in violence against women is alarmingly worrying. A situation that is closely known to those who work tirelessly in defense of Human Rights, especially in favor of the most vulnerable groups in society.

In this context, Vatican News interviewed Ruth Consuelo Chaparro : Colombian social communicator and human rights activist, who works with indigenous peoples throughout the country, and also in other Latin American countries.

- As a first approximation worldwide, it should be noted that around 70% of the people who work in health are women. This means that it is a highly exposed group, for example, to the spread of Covid-19. On the other hand, in some countries more than 60% of women, girls and adolescents work in the so-called "informal economy" associated with low income. Bearing in mind that violence against women has grown during the pandemic, how would you describe the reality of women in Colombia and in what situations are women most vulnerable?

The situation is diverse because there are some groups of privileged women but the vast majority are in unequal conditions.