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By: María Paula Herrera Salazar Field professional- Fucai Photo: María Paula Fucai professional playing the traditional Amazonian spinning top. Few of us have had the fortune to share with such a diversity of people as those of us who work at Fucai do. Our work is exciting, but it requires both vocation and berraquera . Vocation is for me a "call from the heart", a deep beat that summons me to put myself at the service of indigenous peoples. For its part, the berraquera is the energy, enthusiasm and strength with which challenges are assumed. Both are needed in abundance in this work, since working across the country from end to end and collaborating with such a diversity of peoples...

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La Guajira: water that kills.

“Erre win tamana”, the authorities of the Wayuu ranches of Media Guajira repeated insistently. This phrase in Wayuunaiki, the language of these indigenous communities, translates "If I had water..." and it was always accompanied by a conditional wish that they could fulfill if they only had that element. "If I had water, I would have crops." "If I had water, the children would not die." "If I had water, we could start a company."

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The Colombian artist Alicia Vallejo came to La Guajira to weave a dream.

La Guajira- June 2021 Art for this woman, an anthropologist by profession, has been the path that has led her to visit the great museums of the world exhibiting her artistic work. She is recognized for being one of the representatives of modern art, which manages to harmonize the environment through bright colors and the gaze of a sensitive woman. This year and thanks to the alliance made through BanyanTree SAS, the artist was able to create a link with the Fundación Caminos de Esperanza FUCAI and reach the desert of La Guajira, to work with the weavers on a project that will soon materialize within the region and beyond. We appreciate your company, your knowledge and your desire to...

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