In the La Guajira region, we have built more than 25 schools that comply with all safety standards, have a low impact on the environment, and allow children to have optimal conditions to receive an adequate education in the territory. We train personnel in the region that allows us to generate employment in the territory and we have the help of volunteers who work with us for a week in the construction of schools.

In the jungles of the Amazon, we achieved a positive impact by eliminating the burning of native forests for the planting of chagras, which allows the recovery of the soil and a greater production of indigenous products that meet the food needs of indigenous communities. More than 50 people come together in a great Minga to celebrate the transition from scarcity to abundance.

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We support more than 100 Wayuu indigenous weavers in La Guajira, who, through their weaving, manage to maintain the economy of their homes through fair payment for their work and training in the development of new products that diversify their work portfolio.

Together with the designer Catalina Estrada, we have made scarves and sacks that become water, seeds, planting tools, water wells. In addition to being pieces with unique designs, they generate an immediate impact in indigenous regions.


We have managed to implement projects in the territory, thanks to direct donations that are used in prevention and care campaigns, purchase of seeds for the implementation of productive crops, purchase of medicines and biosecurity elements or immediate solutions that require an urgent solution.