We present the malnutrition module here you will find tips to identify the signs that a child has in a state of malnutrition and the routes or steps that must be activated to save his life.


Field verification of these 7 signs of malnutrition in a child could be the fastest method to save a life. The important thing is to report it to the nearest health center and make sure you have the food supplements you need to get the nutrients your body needs. Additionally, it must be guaranteed that during his return to the community or home he has surveillance and supervision so that neither he nor his family show signs of malnutrition again.

Now in Wayunaiki.

Wayunaiki is a language used by the Wayuu indigenous people in La Guajira and part of the respect for working with indigenous communities is to transmit messages in Spanish and Wayunaiki (which is an oral language) and for that we work with our bilingual technicians in the field , which facilitates genuine dialogue with communities.

Weight and Height

Within the work in the territory we have learned the correct way to obtain data on weight and height in a child, which reveals their optimal growth or their state of malnutrition. It is vital to know the correct way to do it and its proper execution.

Activation routes in case of malnutrition.

Our work in La Guajira has allowed us to have some steps and a route identified in the treatment of malnutrition within the Wayuu community, which has saved many lives and activated the route in a timely manner when necessary.


Crop Maintenance

The ability to transmit knowledge through our own experience helps us empower farmers by bringing them Tips like these. Today Dedicated to pruning.



Citrus and timber pruning


Healing after pruning



Achieving the proper dehydration of a product so that it does not lose its physical and chemical properties can be achieved if we follow these steps to the letter. An adequate way to preserve and enjoy natural and organic foods for longer.

Learning Series.

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